Joshua Watson’s Death Mask

Sculpted by Emilie Crewe
Clay, Acrylic Paint, Human Hair
10.5” x 5.8” x 3.5”

This sculptural likeness of the character, Joshua Watson, portrayed by Canadian actor, Bruce Stens, is a pseudo-historical death mask. The object can be seen in video form embedded within the handbound sculptural book, An Account of Joshua Watson.  

Henry Newburn’s Glasses
Antique Victorian Era “Nose Pinch”

Joshua Watson’s “Leg Bone” Nib Pen
Shard of Cow Tibia

Henry Newburn’s Pipe
Vintage Canadian Brigham Tobacco Pipe

Joshua Watson’s Field Notebook

Bound by Emilie Crewe
Calf Skin w/ Handsewn Endbands
Hand-tooled w/ “J.W.” Initials
5” x 3.2” x .6”

Malin Sorsbie’s Apprentice Folio

Bound by Emilie Crewe
Authentic 17th Century Vellum
Assorted Antique Paper
13” x 9” x 1”