An Account of Joshua Watson

Bound by Richard Smart & Emilie Crewe

Faux Anthropodermic Clamshell Box w/
Embedded Digital Screen (Tablet)
Sheep Skin, 24k Gold Leaf
Deer Teeth + Skull Inlays
11” x 7.6” x 1.75”

This pseudo-historical object materializes in the third and fourth movements of the symphonic story of Joshua Watson’s Leg (In Four Movements). A collaborative sculpture bound by Richard Smart & Emilie Crewe, this item serves as a prop in the movie, as well as a work of art intended for exhibition. Following the narrative of “Joshua Watson’s Leg”, this sculpture is meant to act as a record of Joshua Watson himself. Embodying the appearance of a book bound in human skin, with teeth & skull inlays, this curious oddity also features an embedded digital screen that displays the death mask of the character, Joshua Watson, beset by a cluster of worms and insects.